Thursday, 21 July 2011

The World According To Bob

I am fed up with the Greens. Never in the history of my somewhat 'short' life have I seen such an arrogant and politically loose Party, ready to sell its principles out for a quick political advantage. Look at the Malaysia People Swap deal. It goes right against a central policy platform of the Greens but if it suits them to ignore it that's what they do. Any Party worth its sense of pride would have dumped support for this Government over such an abhorrent deal. Its just like they did when Kevin Rudd tried to introduce his ETS. It wasn’t good enough for them so they voted it down. It was a start and could have been worked out in more detail over time. Still, there was no advantage in that for them to do that though. So it was a big old Bob Brown, No.

Bob Brown and his supporters are not all there in the head. They are a fringe party full of current, ex-socialists and latte sipping inner city yuppies who earn more than enough so that the bizarre policy they want to introduce won’t affect them and hippies who don’t care about anything but getting stoned and feeling like they're out there saving the planet, at the same time they use grocery bags made of plastic and toss used bongs away into land fill when they are too old to be of use anymore. They drive, they smoke, they use chemicals that go down the drain. They think they will save the Earth through they're own sense of self-satisfaction. They have no cares about people doing it hard. They don’t care if power prices are so high that Pensioners and low-income earners can’t afford to live decent lives. They want to 'Save the planet' or at least that's what they pretend. They are ideological thugs.

What may be worse is the rabid loyalty that Bob Brown commands over his followers. This is a man that in the opinion of Greens voters or sympathisers can do no wrong. To them, he is beyond reproach. He is Bob Almighty. The Leader...The Chosen One. If all this sounds familiar then I suggest you hop into your time machine and travel back to Berlin, around 1930 should do it. Just watch out for you know who. How can Bob Brown command such respect? He hasnt done anything of importance to the planet. Ranting about saving the environment doesnt actually save it does it? I'm not one to deny Climate Shift but I'm not going to bend over backwards to support a cause because some old tosser says its happening. Let's look at the Greens response to MSR? Its a No. What about regular Nuclear? No. Seems like the real Party of No is the Greens.

Now, to be balanced I think that some Greens policy has merits. But those policies that I agree with are policies that would never work. They are pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Rainbows and Unicorns. I hate the fact that the Greens are willing to do nothing to help Developing Nations with Climate Shift. In a way it is almost racist. As long as Australia does something to hell with the poor and those who cant do anything because of civil unrest. That's a fail, Bob.

I have one major problem with the Greens and that is the views they hold on Australia. The dumping of the ANZUS treaty is perhaps the most idiotic policy I have ever read. Why on Earth would any Australian want to remove our most strategic and important treaty? I can’t even begin to imagine the logic they used to come to the conclusion that it’s a bad treaty. What is so bad about it? Don’t they know we live in a very unstable region? Don’t they know that China is growing so fast that they are running out of room and resources? Who will be our key allies then? Sweden? The Netherlands? Some back water socialist cess-pit? No, none of them care too much about us. But the United States does. We are a unique asset. Our alliance with America and New Zealand is part of our National Identity. 

Just like ANZAC day, another area where the Greens seem to reject our history in favour of more 'we're rebuilding Australia according to Bob' I think that sure you have a right to be part of the democratic process but at what point does that right cross into an excuse to change our National Identity? Bob Brown's disgraceful behaviour towards former President Bush in the House of Reps was far more disgusting than Tony Abbott's politics during the visit of John Key. That's how I see it anyway.

Why can’t Bob Brown answer questions when he is asked to explain his policy? Instead he gives a vague answer and accuses everybody but him to be wrong or to rant about how the media are against him. Maybe the media are against him because they want to know more but never ever get more? Maybe they just don’t like shadowy politics and backroom deals? I don’t know but it drives be up the wall.

Bob Brown and the Greens are a threat to our economy, our cultural identity and to how we engage with our region. The world according to Bob is a dark and scary place. The world according to Bob is the rebirth of facism and to an extent National Socialism. Dont be conned. Vote Liberal or at the least Labor and keep Australia Australian.

(These are just my views if you dont like them dont read them. Simple.)

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  1. "Bob Brown and the Greens are a threat to our economy, our cultural identity and to how we engage with our region. The world according to Bob is a dark and scary place. The world according to Bob is the rebirth of fascism and to an extent National Socialism."
    These words are very true. One only has to look at the influence of the Greens in Tasmania over the last 30 years. They have destroyed any possibility of Tasmania being economically self sufficient to the point where some 60 percent of Tasmania's income is derived from Federal Govt grants. Most of this subsidy unfortunately comes from 'stolen' GST from WA and to a lesser extent Queensland. These economical failures who continue to get voted in by the over subsidized population of their electorates now want to tell the mainland how we should live. Labor through their unholy alliance with the Greens have betrayed the people of Tasmania and sent the state into the economical basket case that we see today.