Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What's Wrong With Julia?

This is the question a majority of Australians have been asking themselves over the last year. Well, just what is wrong with her? Is it the monotonous robospeak? Is it the aura of arrogance that surrounds her? The answer in my opinion is more than yes, to both of these questions. There is a raft of other problems she carries around with her. I don't want this to be a personal attack on her because I'm sure she is genuinely convinced she is doing the right thing when it comes to the Carbon Tax. At least to keep her Boss Bob Brown happy anyway. 

I think that her problems are far more deep than what people give her credit for. Take for example her and the factional ALP thugs knifing of Kevin Rudd. She had no scruples about taking his job for failing to accomplish the task of introducing an ETS that she in essence along with Wayne Swan made him drop. This is an act of pure political bastardy. Kevin had his flaws but should it not have been us to make the call during the election? I know many left wing commentators will give the tired excuse of "That's how our system operates, we don't elect the PM..."  I know that. But if you turn up to a polling booth on election day the most common answer people give when you hear Party faithful handing out How-To-Vote cards is "I'm voting for Kevin Rudd" or who ever the leader may be. They hardly ever walk in and say "I'm voting for Joe Blow from the Labor Party!" This leads me to think that part of Julia's problem is that she never built up the respect of the Party Grassroots. Knifing Rudd was a mistake and I think despite the calls from goons like Bill Shorten and Paul Howes, they know it was a big mistake. Julia Gillard is not a dumb person, she is intelligent and cunning. She is not the shy little girl that she pretends to be when criticism is directed at her. The shy excuse is nothing more than a deceptive way of continuing to play coy and treat the public with contempt. 

Labor under Julia Gillard has switched to a 'one main policy' tactic to cover up for the endless list of failures that they have committed. Its easy politics and gutless leadership. Look at the knee-jerk reaction over Live Exports. How much did that overreaction cost the economy? How much further did that hasty un-thought out decision make the lives of cattle-men more miserable? I could go on and on about this but I wont.

So, lets look at what Gillard been doing on Indigenous Affairs? What has she been doing in regard to housing affordability? A quick google search reveals that she and her Government have been doing nothing of any real substance. And when it comes to a PM the one thing I look for is substance. I didn't agree with John Howard on some of his policy initiatives but at least he was consistent in terms of delivery and competence. Julia Gillard on the other hand is the complete opposite. She is not about saving the environment, she is about staying in power and saving her own skin. She always has been.

A female PM should have been a thing that Australians could look to as an inspiration for women everywhere but instead it has been tainted by Gillard's inability to connect with average Australians and put her best foot forward. Under Gillard we have taken one step forward and five steps back. We have squandered Billions of Dollars on empty air because Labor and Gillard cant get things right. That's why we are so concerned about a Carbon Tax not because we deny Climate Shift but because we fear that it will be an unmitigated disaster in an already unstable global economy. 

There is more to this Carbon Tax then the Government is telling us and I for one would like to know the truth. I don't mean having advertising campaigns to brainwash me into thinking its a good plan for the country. I don't want GetUp! to run campaigns in soft friendly voices as if to indicate everything will be fine, just don't worry about it. I want to know more. I want to know why? So far all I've gotten as an answer is the same old lines about "Its the right thing to do..." I think we the public should have a say in this issue before it becomes another Pink Batts or BER waste-a-thon. An economic reform of this scale is to important to leave to a group of bumbling fools who cant even get the simple things right.

I recall reading in the Latham Diaries about how the ALP Machine Men want a weak leader they can control. I think they may have found that leader. That is what is wrong with Julia Gillard.

Dan J

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  1. Excellent article and unfortunately very true. For older Australians like myself who remember the Whitlam era even if the party we support doesn't get in, we still hope for a stable and competent government. One of the most important things you have said in this article is "I didn't agree with John Howard on some of his policy initiatives but at least he was consistent in terms of delivery and competence."
    I believe the climate is changing and that humans have added to the climate warming but I have yet to see what percentage is actually attributed to humans and backed by scientific evidence. I am totally against the carbon tax because I don't believe it will reduce emissions and if it does it will be so miniscule as to barely register. There must be better ways to reduce emissions. Twitter name: NastyCattle_Dog