Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Many Manipulations of Miss Machiavelli

More Wind From Our Resident Windbag
Julia Gillard again has failed. Strike another notch up on the belt of her incompetence as a leader. (How much room is left?)

The Hookergate scandal again raises serious questions about her ability to do what is right. Its about her ability to be honest and upfront with US her Employer.

The Union fees that Thompson allegedly spent come are from Union fees the underpaid migrants in the health sector, pay to get decent wages, how's that working out? So, it was basically stolen from people who are doing it hard so that he can get off on some kinky sex-play and indulge in his own vices. 
 A typical symptom of Labor. "To hell with the the people, we do what we want when we want." 

And if (I use the term IF very lightly) if it was not him why wont the unknown Bordello Boy come forward and cut this issue down?

I think that an inquiry into the financial books of Unions and also Parliamentary Members is needed. Its wrong for those Union members who may not have the courage to negotiate alone to be paying out for the hendonistic needs of fatcats like Thompson. 

Yet, it seems the hookergate part of this fiasco is just camoflage for the more serious allegation being made that the ALP paid Mr Thompson's debts to prevent him from going Bankrupt. Its wrong for us to be footing the bill for the Member for Dobell. If he has financial problems then its his responsibility to fix them Bi-Election or not. I have a few debts, will Labor pay those out? Oh, that's right I'm not all thats standing between being in Government and being irrelevant for the next 20 years. These simple things sometimes get the better of me.

How many times did we hear during the Howard Government, Labor cyring about Peter Reiths $50,000 phone bill. Sack him they yelled in a chorus line suitable for a Broadway Musical. But Peter Reith paid the bill out of his own pocket. The stench of hypocrisy wofts from the Labor Frontbench.

It is no longer just a question about Craig Thompson but is now a question about herself (Gillard), the ALP party culture and the rotten undemocratic link between Unions. A link that continues to be self-serving and crooked. Its time that the Labor party died. To paraphrase Oni-Wan Kenobi "Sussex Street is a wretched hive of scum and villiany."

Any leader with an ounce of honour would have sacked Thompson and risked the Bi-Election because it was the right thing to do. This shows her courage as a leader is non-existent. It shows her true colour is Yellow. A gutless wonder who slipped into power and is so desperate to hold onto it she will do or and say anything. 

Is it any wonder that Tony Abbott is streets ahead in the polling? If you look at Gillard's track record its plain why. People just dont trust her. Why should they? Gillard has cried Wolf too many times for people to even bother listening to her. The only people who listen are those who are attracted to people of the same ilk. Liars and Manipulators. Gillard is the Mayor Quimby of Australian Politics. Useless as tits on a Bull and totally self-serving.

In the interests of fiscal responsibility have a look at 5 ways that money could be better spent:
  1. $90,000 would house, cloth and feed a family of 4 for a year and a half
  2. $90,000 that’s 60,000 lts of Fuel
  3. $90,000 that’s 360 weeks of shopping for a family spending  $250 a week  ( 6 years)
  4. $90,000 that’s 1285 visits to a Doctor using $70 a visit under the Government MBS Scheme
  5. $90,000 would pay an average of 18 Students to attend  University for one year
Clearly, Labor and Gillard are not concerned with the National Interest. They are only interested in Power. Thompson, Gillard and the entire Labor movement should be hanging their heads in shame. 

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